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Fire extinguisher testing service is one of the simplest and fastest ways to protect you, your business, and your employees when a fire incident occurs. Nearly 90% fire accidents can be resolved using portable fire extinguishers. Numerous properties and lives have been saved because of diligent testing and maintenance of fire extinguishers.

For starters, fire extinguisher testing is part and parcel of your business obligations for Australian businesses and ought to be done every 6 months. There are professional testing services that businesses can use to get their fire extinguishers tested and ensure that they are in the condition they should be in. The process is usually an uncomplicated one and need not be expensive either.

Why do I need my fire extinguisher tested? 

The WHS Act expects working environments to have fire security and fire fighting gear. This hardware should be appropriate for the risks in your work environment. Additionally, it should be appropriately:

  • Installed
  • Tested
  • Maintained

At the point when you permit Adelaide Fire and Safety to help you with your fire insurance needs, you can be certain that investigation, testing, and upkeep of your hardware is performed appropriately while meeting neighbourhood codes and required administrative principles.

Right after purchasing a fire extinguisher, you should get them tested. This should be followed by routine testing to offer your premises and staff a protection and a safe work environment. Even though you have never used your fire extinguishers, request professional Fire Extinguisher Testing Adelaide services to pressure test the extinguishers and refill them every 5 years.

At Adelaide Fire and Safety, our Fire Extinguisher Testing in Adelaide experts work with businesses that are lucky enough to never experience a fire. We continue to check their fire extinguishers keeping the prevailing rules, regulations, and legislations in our mind. You cannot trust an unused extinguisher that is not tested for years. Remember that exposure to contaminants and damages can compromise their working and make them useless.

How Often Should A Fire Extinguisher Be Tested?

  • Fire extinguishers should be refilled and pressure tested regularly.
  • Every extinguisher should be inspected every 6 months.
  • Every test and interval should be mentioned on a metal tag or label attached to the extinguisher.

The best way to keep up with your fire extinguishers is to ensure that you get your fire extinguishers tested by expert extinguisher testing Adelaide technicians having the expertise and reputation needed to keep you safe. At Adelaide Fire and Safety, we not just offer fire extinguisher testing services, but also keep records of them for future. Once you get your fire extinguisher inspected, we will provide you the needed knowledge on the basic rules and regulations to make sure that the fire extinguishers are tested and tagged properly. Our Fire Extinguisher Sales Adelaide experts will tell you how to maintain your extinguishers between professional inspections. Keeping yourself ahead of the rules and regulations will save your business in many ways from prosecution threats to insurance costs.

Why Work With Adelaide Fire and Safety for Fire Extinguisher Testing?

Now you can get the protection from fire that your business needs – call Adelaide Fire and Safety today for outstanding testing services. We will not only inspect your extinguishers, but also evaluate the dangers they cover to ensure the correct fire extinguishers remain in the correct place. With us, you can rest easy knowing that they are inspected, recharged, and replaced whenever required. Our fire safety Adelaide expert team is dedicated to serving your fire extinguisher needs. With friendly services and qualified advices, the choice for the next test is clear. Allow us to make your workplace safer with our fire extinguisher testing services. Trust us, our Adelaide fire solutions are second to none.

Industry Expertise

For complete fire extinguisher and fire protection services, you cannot find a better option than us. Our experts undergo a rigorous training procedure that ensures that they are completely knowledgeable about the related service guidelines and industry standards. They work daily to enhance their know-how. So, if you have a question about the testing of your fire extinguisher or the compliance requirements, we will be happy to answer that for you. Our fire extinguisher testing services are performed in line with the set standards to keep the fire extinguishers in top shape.

Flexible Protection Services

Since our experts are well-trained in fire extinguisher testing services, we can easily manage the required compliance. You are sure to enjoy working with us and we will enjoy helping you again and again to keep your extinguishers in top condition. Since we are mobile, you can easily access our fire extinguisher services anywhere in Adelaide and nearby areas.

Free Service Reminders

Another great aspect of our company is that we offer free reminder services. Once we are done with the inspection and testing, we offer you a detailed testing report. The report will tell you the result of every testing part and also whether your extinguisher was up to the mark or not. You will not need to worry about the next appointment with us. We will keep a track of your specific compliance needs and tell you when the next extinguisher test in due.

Our experts team is happy to work around the requirements you have. IF your extinguisher has not been used for long or is damaged, get in touch with us. Make us your go-to company for any kind of fire extinguisher testing and service needs. We are just a call away.  

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