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Fire Hose Reel Testing

Testing of all kinds of fire safety equipment and tools is very essential to ensure workplace safety. Fire hose reels are not different. They play a vital role in controlling a fire but are useless if they cannot work. Fire hose reel testing ensures that it doesn’t have any type of
foreign particle or debris present in it as they can stop the water flow. Such tests can pinpoint other faults also that may be present inside the fire hose reel.

Fire hose reels are utilized to enhance crisis fire quencher in the work environment. The Building Code of Australia expresses that they need should be accessible in fire compartments with a story zone more prominent than 500m2.

At Adelaide Fire and Safety Services our profoundly prepared experts can assess and test your hose reel ensuring that you are agreeable with Australian Safe Work principles and obviously guaranteeing that your fire security gear is up to standard if there should a rise an occurrence of a crisis.

Why choose us for Fire Hose Reel Testing?

At Adelaide Fire and Safety, the fire hose reel testing is done in a very professional manner that is in line with the guidelines of the Australian workplace safety standards. The technicians of the company first inspect the hose reel from the outside and look for any debris that might be present at the head of the hose reel. Any specks of dirt found in there are quickly removed so that water can easily flow through it without any blockages. After this, they move to the reel and check for any leaks that might be present in there.

After the completion of the physical inspection, the next phase of the fire hose reel testing is initiated. In this phase, the technicians of Adelaide Fire and Safety test the hose reel by pumping water through it. The flow of the water coming out of the hose reel is measured and if it lies in the acceptable range specified in the workplace safety standards, the hose reel is declared to be safe to use and a tag is place on it.

How Often Should a Fire Hose Be Tested?

We can inspect as well as test your fire hose reel as frequently as you want. The frequency of each test can differ based on your business’s nature. Below is the list of tests that we perform regularly with our clients fire hose reels, but we request you to contact us with your specific requirements. As per the standards, fire hose reel testing should be done at the following time:
Every Six Months Our experts will check the following:

  • Signage
  • Damage
  • Accessibility
  • Operating
  • Instructions
  • Flow
  • Record Label
  • Leakage

Testing Parts: Swing Arm, Nozzle Interlock, Unwind

Every Year Our experts will check out the following:

  • Fittings and Hose Guide
  • Anchor Points
  • Obstructions or Fire Hazards
  •  Damage in Bearing or Hose

Fire Hose Reels Testing at Adelaide Fire and Safety

At Adelaide Fire and Safety, the testing of fire hose is carried out in a highly professional way. It is performed in accordance with the guidelines and standards of the workplace safety in Australia. Our technicians will first inspect the fire hose reel from outside and search for debris that may be there in the hose reel’s head. Any debris or dirt found inside is removed quickly so that the water can flow through it easily without blockages. Once this is done, they go to the hose reel and look for any leakages that may be present.
After the physical inspection is completed, the next step of the testing is started. In this step, our technicians test the reel by pumping some water through it. They then measure the water flow that comes out of the fire hose reel. If it comes between an acceptable range that is specified in the business safety standards, the fire hose reel is considered safe and we place a tag on it.

Why Adelaide Fire And Safety For Fire Hose Reel Testing?

Our technicians are highly capable and experienced in the fire safety business. Their knowledge of fire hose reel testing together with their adherence to the safety standards of Australia means that your workplace will remain protected completely from any fire hazards
and legal obligations. Our detailed database of different testing records help us deal with your hose reels and ensure that they are tested always on time. With us, you can also avoid needless risks and certify to your local safety standards.

We Can Help You!

Being a professional company, we provide comprehensive fire hose reel testing and maintenance services that meet the legal requirements of Australia. Adelaide Fire and Safety is a trusted and reliable company offering Adelaide fire solutions. With our years of
experience, we get you peace of mind knowing that your fire protection equipment is in the best hands and completely complaint.

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